Membranes are a modular solution to many tough chemical separation challenges. You probably even have a few separations in mind.

At CMS we understand the difficulty of proving and validating a new technology. Contracting out feasibility testing can be painful, time consuming, and cost constrained. Project managers want to see validation before moving forward. Getting approval to purchase specialty equipment before demonstrating feasibility is a real challenge.

The solution? A complete rental rig designed for plug and play operation that allows you to test membrane performance in the comfort of your own lab. Contact CMS to request availability.

-Dehydrate Organic Solvents

-Degas Organic Solvents

-Run Multiple Campaign Experiments

-Try a CMS Membrane in a Variety of Solvent Systems

The Rental Rig runs on a volumetric basis of 3 liters of liquid and can dehydrate most solvent/water systems within an 8 hour workday. The unit is equipped with a feed pump and two heat zones on the feed tank to run at an operating temperature of 80°C or less.  On the permeate side, there is a vacuum pump, chiller, and two condensers to condense the water and solvent vapors that permeate the membrane. For control the rig is equipped with a PLC and HMI that is programmed so the operator can easily set the rig to start up, run, cool down, and shutdown.  The PLC is also capable of monitoring for alarm conditions if the rig is to exceed the desired temperature or pressure, or if there is low flow.  In these events the rig can shutdown to mitigate any operational failure.  The rig only requires 3 connections of power, nitrogen, and a ventilation source such as fume hood or exhaust vents.

Contact CMS to request availability.