Offering a suite of membrane materials and technologies applied to tough chemical separations: olefin/paraffin separation, dissolved gas sensing, dehydration, solvent recovery, and other unique, custom chemistries. Our membranes are fluoropolymer based (think PTFE) delivering superior performance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability in extreme environments.

Olefin-paraffin separation

Separate and concentrate olefins, the building blocks of the chemicals industry.  We offer a stable solution to capture new value via add-ons to existing infrastructure: upgrading streams, debottlenecking, re-processing purge gases

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Solvent dehydration

Enable new synthesis processes. Reduce hazardous waste and supply chain costs. Dry and recover previously irrecoverable solvent (e.g. TBHP, THF, IPA) for re-use. Highly effective at drying solvents past the azeotrope with purification for reuse for cents on the dollar.

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O2 and N2 enriched air

Generate oxygen and nitrogen enriched air to meet your need for combustion suppression, greater fuel efficiency, or reduced Nox emissions.

Lubricant dehydration

Reduce failure, downtime, cost and maintenance from water ingress into lubrication systems. Remove free and dissolved water, including from EALs, with superior ease of use and performance to alternative technologies.

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Gas Sensing

Sampling and detection of dissolved gases in oils. Detection of fault gases in transformer di-electric oil.

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Custom separations

Do you have a unique and challenging chemistry that will benefit from separation, purification, or re-use? Work with us for a high value solution to meet your performance and economic needs.

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