Olefin-Paraffin separation

Olefin-paraffin separation

Separate and concentrate olefins, the building blocks of the chemicals industry. Capture new value via bolt-ons to existing infrastructure: upgrading streams, debottlenecking, increasing capacity

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Gas Sensing

Carbon Capture

A state of the art technology breakthrough for low cost point source carbon capture for hard to abate sectors. Bringing processes to carbon neutral in the near term and enabling the clean energy transition

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Degas lubricants and solvents, including environmentally acceptable lubricants, to remove CO2 from solvents, increase the lifetime of rotating equipment, increase production by removing gaseous byproducts, and more

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Membranes unlock value and enable new processes

Product Performance

  • High flow, highly selective membranes for breakthrough separations in quality and cost: CO2 capture <$60/ton
  • Proven durability and reliability over time in challenging chemical environments and mission critical applications
  • System flexibility to meet product purity and recovery goals

Customer Value

  • Reach your decarbonization goals TODAY in hard to abate applications in chemical plants, hydrogen production, cement, steel and other industries
  • Increase yield and capacity, raise performance, lower costs, reduce process bottlenecks
  • Bolt-on to existing infrastructure

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