Carbon neutral industry

making the space we need and the things we want possible, without destroying the home we love

The climate crisis requires industrial decarbonization

The only pathway to near term carbon neutral and eventual carbon negative processes is low-cost point source carbon capture for hard to abate sectors like blue hydrogen, cement, and steel

Our membranes are the technical and economic unlock

Operating at low pressure = lower CAPEX and OPEX; enabling CMS to deliver a step change to the state of the art of point source carbon capture, even at small scale

Experienced and ready to pilot

This is not a science project. Learning from the successful scale up of the olefins platform, we are ready to scale and pilot Optiperm™ carbon in 2023

CO2 Capture for Enclosed Spaces

Commercial solution of CMS’ pervaporation membranes

Enabling the use of small, efficient liquid absorption systems by continuously removing CO2 from the liquid with superior space and operational efficiency

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The next generation:

Optiperm™ carbon impact

Strong economic value and returns for a low-cost, low-risk investment

Low-cost solution

Low pressure, <$60/ton separation enabled by our novel, patented facilitated transport membranes

Meaningful Impact

Widespread adoption of Optiperm™ carbon can lead to gigatons of cumulative CO2 removal from the atmosphere in the near term

Effective in hard to abate sectors

Efficient post combustion carbon capture in hard to systems like blue hydrogen, cement, steel, and more

Integrates into existing infrastructure

Compact and modular structure enables users to apply systems to streams that were previously emitted, and expand as needed

Practical engineering solution

The simplicity of the CMS system design and power of the facilitated transport membrane drives low capture costs.