Addressing the critical need for carbon emissions reduction in hard-to-abate sectors

Heavy industry makes products that are central to our modern way of life, but is also responsible for more than 30% of global CO2 emissions. These sectors are hard to abate: with no easy path to electrification, carbon capture is a crucial part of their decarbonization journey. They will emit over 600 Gt of carbon by 2070 producing the materials we need. Traditional carbon capture technologies have relied on expensive and energy-intensive processes for decades, making efficient scale up a challenge.

Reduce carbon emissions.

Economically and feasibly unlock near-term CCUS with Optiperm™ Carbon

Are you in a hard-to-abate industry like steel, cement, or other materials and want to take steps toward decarbonization? Optiperm™ Carbon, an advanced membrane technology, holds the key to near-term CO2 emissions reduction.

Low Cost & Low Energy

A high flow of gas at low pressure enables reductions to plant size and energy consumption, and a fully engineered capture cost under $50 per ton.

Modular & Containerized

Our solutions are designed to be compact, retrofittable, and scalable to meet the specific needs of the systems in your facility.

No Solvents Required

Ideal for facilities that don’t want a chemical plant onsite. Avoid the associated HS&E management and permitting issues that accompany chemical usage.

Fully Electrified

Optiperm™ carbon is a fully electrified solution that does not require steam. 

Low Risk & Practical

Our Optiperm™ platform technology has been validated in the field with existing supply chains and presents low technology risk.
We understand that you need more than just membranes, our practical system-level solution offers easy bolt-on integration into your plant.

Ready to join the revolution? Connect with us to order a system, develop your custom solution, or partner with us on end-to-end customer solutions.