Compact Membrane Systems introduces a high flux, highly selective membrane for low cost carbon capture from point sources.  Carbon capture membranes can unlock deep industrial decarbonization.

The climate crisis requires industrial decarbonization

Constraining temperature increases to 1.5ºC will demand a greater reduction in carbon emissions than renewables can deliver. The only pathway to this goal is to reduce emissions from point sources.

Membrane separations are the technical and economic unlock

Separation is the most expensive component of the carbon capture use and sequestration equation.  Membranes’ low cost separation at a variety of scales creates significant application potential.

CCUS regulation and pricing will be market making

History teaches us that regulation is market making for separations solutions.  The $782 Billion global market for proprietary separations technologies blossomed in the US following the emissions regulations. The CO2 market will dwarf those volumes, if technology can deliver…

Optiperm™ carbon impact

Strong economic value and returns for a low-cost, low-risk investment

Competitive, efficient capture

Compared to amine towers, membranes hold the potential to dramatically reduce the parasitic load associated with carbon capture.

Large addressable market

>5,000 application sites in the US alone, represents 20% of GHG emissions.

Low cost capture

In a flue gas stream, installed system targeted for <$20/ton CO2 removal.

Integrates into existing infrastructure

Compact and modular structure enables users to apply systems to streams that were previously emitted, and expand as needed

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