Doing more with less: Achieve higher yield with better efficiency and a reduction in waste streams

Using about 250 trillion BTU per year, olefin-paraffin separations are some of the most energy-intensive industrial processes. And while feedstocks become constrained, the demand for key olefins – like ethylene and propylene – is projected to continue growing. This requires new technology that can monetize previously lost olefin streams, debottleneck processes, reduce GHG emissions, and improve capacity without large capital and operational investments.

Increase your plant’s capacity with Optiperm™ Olefins for polyolefin polymerization reactor purge recovery

Optiperm™ Olefins harnesses powerful, proven facilitated transport membranes to achieve efficient, economic olefin-paraffin separation. 

Increased top-line revenue & a
2-8% increase in polyolefin yield

Up to a 30% reduction in energy usage and 70% less GHG emissions

Low capital investment and high IRR on a polymerization reactor purge stream installation

Bolt-on installations that don’t risk current plant operations

Commercially demonstrated with Braskem

The Optiperm™ membrane simultaneously produces high-quality olefin and paraffin streams. The modular, efficient membrane systems can stand up to real process environments and provide reliable operation.

The pilot, a scaled down version of the complete system, also incorporates the surrounding system design to enable peak membrane performance. Check out the technical results below.

Braskem Commercial Demonstration
DCRC Pilot Study Results

Together, we can increase your polyolefin reactor production. Submit your polymerization reactor purge recovery application now.