The 4th Future Cement Conference and Exhibition will explore the future of the cement industry in a world striving for low-or zero-carbon solutions. Cement producers with their current involvement in the production, packaging, distribution, and sale of cementitious materials, are well positioned to take the lead in the development of innovative ‘no-carbon’ cements. Addressing alternatives to OPC and exploring low-carbon options for concrete, the conference will also delve into pathways for CCUS, shaping the way forward for the evolution of future cements. 


    • Date: December 6-7, 2023
    • Location: Brussels, Belgium


Director of Carbon Solutions Nic Renard will be presenting about: ‘Cement flue gas carbon capture economics with membranes’. The presentation will take place at 1:30 (CET) on December 7th, within the ‘CCUS – Challenges and Opportunities’ session of the conference program. 


Please reach out to Nic directly to learn more about the presentation.




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