Our CEO, Erica Nemser, was recently featured on the Decarb Connect Podcast


The episode titled: “Point Source Carbon Capture: Amines, MOFs, Membranes – Understanding the pro’s and con’s with Erica Nemser of CMS” centers around:

  • Erica’s extensive background and enduring dedication to tackling intricate problems and bringing technical products to the market.
  • Exploring the role that membranes can play in the process of decarbonization.
  • Understanding how industrial entities perceive and assess various carbon separation technologies, including membranes, in terms of costs and readiness.
  • Delving into the reasons behind and mechanisms through which facilitated membrane transport enables efficient and cost-effective carbon separation with low energy consumption.
  • Highlighting the experiences of two pilot customers, RHI Magnesita and voestalpine, and recognizing how different industries have distinct needs and considerations regarding carbon capture.
  • Acknowledging the absence of a “one-size-fits-all” solution for industrial decarbonization, emphasizing the necessity of employing different technologies, or combinations thereof, based on specific applications.
  • Providing a glimpse into what lies ahead in 2024.


To listen to the full episode, click here