CMS, joined by the EPA VGP team, Coast Guard, and several EAL manufacturers, is excited to present and facilitate a discussion of EALs at the upcoming International Workboat Show in New Orleans

The new VGP requires the adoption of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) by all vessels in US waters. Many questions surround EALs: What are EALs? How are EALs the  same or different from conventional mineral lubes? Do they work as well? Do I need to handle them any differently? What should I do about dissolved water in my EALs? What do I need to do to comply?  What do I need to know as an OEM? an operator?
CMS will facilitate an overview and holistic discussion of EALs, including a recap of new EAL regulations, EAL ‘myths and facts’, and answers to audience questions, including
  1. Why the focus on EALs?
  2. What is the new regulation covering their use? (eg. VGP regs, compliance, timelines)
  3. What is an EAL? (e.g. types, chemistry, similarity and differences with mineral oils)
  4. Using EALs – performance and cost (e.g. experience, common concerns, sourcing, managing water)

See us live for the discussion on Tuesday, December 1 from 10:45am – 11:30amBeyond VGP: Choosing the Best EAL for Your Application Needs”  Learn more about our technology in booth 4812