Creating pipeline ready gas with a simpler and more efficient product

Biogas upgrading with

  • Fewer Stages

  • Less Compression

  • Less Pretreatment

Benefits of biogas upgrading

Anaerobic digestors for biogas production can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 2030.

CMS membranes are designed to allow users to capture, separate and upgrade existing biogas streams that would otherwise be flared or released into the atmosphere.

The fluoropolymer nature of Optiperm™ biogas provides stability in common poisons such as H2S, hydrogen, water vapor, and CO.

The technology is scalable and can produce economically viable biogas upgrades for small, medium, and large streams. Optiperm™ biogas permeates the carbon dioxide, water, and hydrogen sulfide, leaving upgraded methane in the retentate.

Water is a bigger challenge for EALs (than mineral oils)

Pilot Results

Working with Dickinson College Energy Projects Manager Matt Steiman, a spiral wound module system was installed at the Dickinson College Farm in late 2020. During the pilot installation, Optiperm™ biogas demonstrated stability and verified the performance that was measured in CMS laboratory testing.

Up Next

  • Membrane scale up
  • Poison testing
  • System design

Learn more about testing and piloting opportunities