Optiperm™ applications complete with PFDs. This list is extensive, but not comprehensive. Please contact CMS if you have a process that is not listed below.

*All PFDs on this page are representative and may not accurately depict the exact system configuration.

Olefin Recovery from a Purge or Slip Stream

C2 and C3 off gas streams

Olefins can be recovered from off gas streams so that valuable olefins are not lost to flare

Polymerization Reactor Purge Recovery

Introducing an Optiperm™ membrane system to a polyethylene, polypropylene, polyisobutylene reactor purge streams allow previously lost olefin product to be recovered.

Ethylene Oxide MEG Reactor Purge

Splitter Enhancement or Replacement

The following examples apply to C2, C3, and C4 splitters.

Olefin Upgrade

A membrane system can be placed on the top product to purify the olefin stream.

Paraffin Upgrade

A membrane system can be placed on the bottom product to purify the paraffin stream.

Total capacity increase

Optiperm™ membrane system at the top and bottom to increase capacity of the whole column

Complete replacement of a splitter

As the Optiperm™ technology matures, a multistage membrane design could completely replace a C2, C3, or C4 splitter.

Other applications

Specialty chemical applications for Optiperm™ vary significantly. But Optiperm has proven its usefulness in C2, C3, and C4 applications.

Upgrading an Existing Stream

Existing Olefin Parrafin Streams can be upgrading to higher olefin or paraffin purities for C2, C3, or C4’s.

Removing Olefins from Refinery Fuel Gas

Propylene and butenes can be extracted from Refinery Fuel Gas with an Optiperm™ membrane system

Alkylation Capacity Increase

Propane and butane are crucial to the production of octane in an alkylation reactor. Installing a membrane system can allow you to capture unreacted isobutane and propane and feed them back to the reactor to increase capacity.