Compact Membrane Systems has developed a low-cost,modular, sustainable solution to recover and monetize undervalued olefins.

This patented technology extends and enhances existing capital infrastructure — debottlenecking, expanding capacity, and capturing waste streams —
with modest capital investment and high returns. Optiperm™ olefins reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumptions while providing ease of operation.

Validated in the field: modular Olefin Paraffin separations

Olefin-Paraffin separations are a core part of petrochemical industry, representing the initial stage in separating petroleum products into the individual industrial building blocks of a $300 billion market.

Optiperm™ operates at a wide range of industrially relevant temperatures, pressures, and compositions for light olefins (C2, C3, and C4). CMS has demonstrated olefin separation at temperatures up to 70°C (158°F) and pressures up to 250 psig. The membrane can remove olefin in both concentrated and dilute streams for compositions ranging from 5-95% by volume of olefin.

After two successful pilots, the membranes have proven stable operation in real process gas. The latest pilot with Braskem included commercial scale membranes and has a validated control system to allow for easy, reliable operation.


Strong economic value and returns for a low-cost, low-risk investment

Increase capacity, debottleneck processes

For polyolefin reactor purge streams, the Optiperm™ technology increases top line revenue with 3-5% increase in polyolefin yield with up to 75% reduction in GHG emissions. Placed at bottom of column, increases capacity by 15%.

High return with small financial investment, risk

In a purge stream, installed system <$20M with operating cost <$500K per year, IRR>150%. Increase your production capacity
with modest capital expenditures.

Reduce energy intensity

Implementation of the membrane system can reduce the energy use by up to 60% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%.

Easily integrates into existing infrastructure

Compact and modular structure enables bolt on solutions for a variety of applications like:  C3 splitters, polypro reactor purges, C4 streams, petrochemicals, coker off gas recovery,
and on purpose C2= and C3= recovery

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How it works

Why this material succeeds where others have failed

CMS’ new, patent pending membrane technology, Optiperm™, combines Ag+ and Custom Amorphous Fluoropolymer (CAF) to form stable and pinhole free membranes. These facilitated transport membranes exhibit superb olefin/paraffin separation, flow (flux), as well as stability in a harsh environment, all of which contribute to a reliable, economically attractive product.

Why is this novel membrane design a breakthrough? To date, science has been unable to find a materials and system that can both embed silver and perform over time.  Silver (Ag+) is an ideal separator because it complexes with olefins to transport and release them, enabling separation from paraffins. But Ag+ is easily poisoned by typical feedstreams, and traditional fluoropolymers, while otherwise optimal, are susceptible to olefin conditioning.

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Optiperm™ is the new and innovative membrane from Compact Membrane Systems. Optiperm™ is specifically designed for the separation of olefins and paraffins. To get a copy of the Optiperm™ white paper please enter your email address in the form below.

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