Why a membrane solution?

CMS’s membranes will help you when traditional ways of separating chemicals fall short. Our membranes are able to dry, gasify, and degasify process streams in real time in a controlled and hassle-free manner.

CMS and our partners offer simple, space-efficient solutions that do not intrude on the equipment or process being served. When using our membranes you do not have to stop your process, the modules can work in-line or in a kidney loop setup.

What sets our membrane apart from others are its:

  • Chemical compatibility with virtually all acids, bases, solvents and hydrocarbons
  • Low fouling/easy cleaning surface
  • Extremely high process rates

From membrane to Compact Membrane System

Explosion proof cart with large CMS membrane

A CMS membrane works with other simple pieces of standard equipment to perform an efficient and clean separation. Typical systems include a pump, vacuum, filter, and simple plumbing in a compact design. More complex systems contain condensers and instrumentation for measuring water loading in the process fluid. Units are designed to be highly automated, safe, and reliable. Systems are adequately sized to bring water and dissolved gas loadings down to near zero levels. Shown to the left is an explosion proof system for the dehydration of high viscosity lubricating oils.

What a CMS membrane is:

Our membranes are very thin, uniform layers of inert polymer material.  This layer is fabricated to allow small molecules like water and oxygen to pass through at high rates while retaining larger molecules like oils, additives, and solvents. The membranes are coated on strong hollow fiber to give excellent mechanical strength. These fibers are wound into a hollow fiber membrane cartridge that packs a high membrane area into a small volume. This cartridge is specially designed for optimum fluid mixing.

Membrane systems are modular and can be scaled to meet the scale of the application. Each membrane goes through rigorous quality control to make sure it meets specifications for flow and separation performance.


Hollow fiber membrane cartridge shown to size