Manufacturing Technician

Full Time Position Posting

Responsibilities in an industrial R&D and manufacturing setting:

  • Work in a team environment
  • Small scale assembly of hollow fiber membrane modules, involving operation of computer controlled equipment, handling pressurized gasses and liquids, and use of spray systems
  • Perform Quality Assurance measurements on articles, including dimensional, gas, and liquid tests
  • Perform basic maintenance on manufacturing and test equipment
  • During periods of no manufacturing activity, provide technician support to our R&D and product development projects
  • Operate in compliance with company safety and quality practices


  • Demonstrated ‘hands-on’ mechanical ability; ability to follow and perform intricate procedures
  • Creative and self-motivated, comfortable with performing varied and non-routine tasks
  • Able to interpret and carry out Standard Operating Procedures and maintain clear, organized, and accurate written and computer records of procedures and test results
  • Preferred skills – general machining, mechanical and electrical assembly, and experience with MS Office applications or similar software, strong written and oral communication skills
  • Helpful experience – small volume manufacturing, inventory management, production scheduling, gas and liquid delivery systems, membrane technology or applications, coatings, polymer processing, chemical processing, AutoCAD, equipment maintenance and calibration, machine control, laboratory and shop safety, general machining (manual lathe and mill)

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