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Enter the information in the space provided. This is single pass estimate re circulation systems will require less membranes.

This calculator uses IPA/water as a surrogate to estimate full system size. A more detailed estimate with solvent specific data can be calculated upon request.

Helpful tip: To reduce the cost and size of the system try increasing the time or reducing the target dryness (ie from 99.9% to 95%).

The cost included in this estimate is for membranes and housings ONLY. Balance of equipment can be about 1.5-3x cost, but is highly dependent on specific system requirements. Please contact us for a full formal quote.

This tool is required for process rates less than 1000 gal/hr. If your desired separation is larger than that, please contact us directly for an estimate.

Number of Membranes Required:

Cost of Membranes and Housings:

**DISCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT SERVE AS A FORMAL QUOTE. This is intended simply as a tool to aid customers in an initial understanding of the size and cost of their project.

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